CC Mac - Dead

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CC Mac - Dead

Hi guys, I've got a CC which I aquired from a friend. With the power cord connected and a keyboard plugged in I can hit the power button on the keyboard and you can hear the monitor turn on like when you turn on a TV, the little power LED on the front comes on for a second and then nothing...

Any ideas, I really want to get this working, it's such a great looking computer.

Cheers, John

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It's not dead...

I found a CC once,and when I broght it home I experienced the same thing.But, on the back(next to the power cord jack,theres a power switch.flip it,and press the powerkey on the keyboard.Lemme know what happens!!!

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Well, he did say that he can

Well, he did say that he can hear the monitor turn on... the small but present screeching noise as when the analog board and anode cap get charged. Which means the power switch is on. Sucks when you trash someone and then get egg on your face huh....

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Who trashed who he asked a le

Who trashed who he asked a legitimate question did he check the switch? That is in the relm of possibilities that he may of forgotten
to flip the switch.

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Err. great answers

S*it I had completely forgot that you actually have to turn on the on/off switch. Problem solved...

In reality just becasue my mac appears to have a fault does not imply that I'm stupid, in fact far from it and surely the fact that the LED on the front illuminates and the screen makes a "tv on" power up sounds implies by itself that I worked out that there is an on/off switch.

Rather than mindlessly answer with ridiculous replies can you think in future and perhaps read the question. Oh and before you ask, yes I did plug the cable into the wall, and yes the power socket is turned on and finally my electricity bill has been paid so it can't be that I have been cut off.

If anyone can help with something a little more constructive that would be fantastic. Cheers

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