Deep Dish Notes

These note are taken directly from my correspondance with Chuck Goolsbee.

ANS 700 Drive Bays

Drive bays: Number depends on mixture of half or full-height devices. I don't know if any full-height devices (DAT loaders, etc.) shipped? The machine has room for 7 half-height devices. One is usually taken by the CD-ROM. I think a DAT was standard for the 700 too. Odd config note. If you fully populated the 5 bays below a DAT with drives the heat would break the DAT. The workaround was to put the DAT in the bottom bay.

The 700 had an additional bracket for 2 fixed non-removable drives deep within the bowels of the box.

Deep Dish Drive Array

I was told that they planned a drive array in a deepdishian enclosure. This is why there is that ultrawide scsi (68 pin) port above the PCI slots, so that you could stack an array on top.

LCD Screen

The LCD is required by AIX to output cryptic error codes so highly paid IBM engineers can tell you that your server isn't working. Smile

It actually spits out a stream of stuff during boot and then goes quiet. It is a standard-out device in unix though so you can write to it. Some software, such as IPT writes to it constantly while it is running.[email=name@domain.tld][/email]

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