CRT Driver hacking--reference?

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CRT Driver hacking--reference?

Can someone please post up a reference to a good book about design and execution of analogue boards to drive CRTs with? The thought occured to me that I could run my SE/30 at 640x480 at 256 Greys and play Marathon on it. Smile

I've got a SuperMac Spectrum 8/24 IIsi card. If I could mod up the horizontal deflection circuit properly, I could run the monitor at 640x480xB&W. By studying the Micron adaptor card, I could drive it in greyscale (from the Spectrum board). If I did both, I'd be able to play Marathon.

I realize this isn't a "simple" hack, and that I'd have to etch a new PCB for the neck of the CRT-that's OK, I'm an electronics tech. However, I have no experience with CRT displays.

Also, does anybody know how the Micron adaptor turns off the internal video when the Micron card is being used on the CRT? I don't want to have a "black hole monitor".