Help with yellowdog on pm 7500 (upgraded) ...

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Help with yellowdog on pm 7500 (upgraded) ...

I gave a friend of mine a nice little setup so that he could be exposed to the world of macintoshes. Its a basic little 7500 with a 500 meg scsi drive (orginal quntum) with a fresh install of 8.6 on it, a 4.5 gig barracuda drive (7200rpm, never knew they made 4.5 gig that run so fast, sounds like a jet plane), 192 megs of ram (all paired and interleaved), 4 megs of video ram and an upgraded cpu module (180mhz cpu).

We then left the 500 megger alone (apparently you need to have a mac os drive for yellowdog to boot?) and we added the ex-sever drive in there (set it to id of 4, cdrom was 6, and 500 megger was 0).

We installed yellow dog however when he boots to yellowdog, as soon as it gets to the gui, the monitor then shuts off.

its an apple monitor (one of those models that has the adb hub in the base of it and a seiral port plug on the back of the monitor, what is that for?).

Any ideas?