How to thwart a fraudulant eBay auction!

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How to thwart a fraudulant eBay auction!

Not sure if this will still be up when you look, but here's what happens when the original seller sees his listing (and his hosted images!) being ripped off!

Tipoff might be the seller who just registered this week...and claims to have a valuable collectible of documented provenance!

Kudos to the original seller on his diligence.

tony b.

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That's a classic! Personally I would have just put offensive images in those links... but that does the job nicely. Wink

EDIT: That's happened to me. I sold a very crappy Grape 266 iMac on a few months ago, and weeks after that auction ended, a different person altogether had the exact same listing, pictures and text, up on eBay. They forgot one thing, though. They did NOT have a puck mouse with a bright purple LED in it, but they didn't edit that part out. Well done...

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Laugh out loud

lol, That made my day. Still no one is bidding on it. I wonder if the guy who originally put up that site has checked it since he submitted it. I would love to see the reaction on his face when he loads up that page...

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been there, done that :)

Some putz did the same thing to me, such a dumb-F he referenced my images on my own server. I did essentially the same thing this guy did, replaced the originals with warnings, etc.

sigh . . .

dan k

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shoulda used naughty images

You should have replaced the images with hardcore pornography. People may have found it offensive, but ypu'd be guranteed to have him bad from eBay.

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