Powerbook Parts and Other Stuff for sale

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Powerbook Parts and Other Stuff for sale

For sale: Two complete* Powerbooks. . . a PB 145 and 170.

(This is a new usage of "complete", meaning all the parts are there, they just aren't assembled). 40 and 80MB hard disks. Active and Passive matrix screens. Two batteries (probably dead, but can be rebuilt), stand alone charger and two power adapters. Need parts? Ask and I'll look- make an offer.

IDE hard disks- 650MB up to about 4 gig

PCI cards-- two Hercules Stingray Pro Video cards (three if you count the one where I tried soldering to the VESA adapter)

About six PC motherboads, eight floppy drives, an IBM MWAVE modem/soundcard, a few AGP network cards, PCI modems and network cards, IDE cables, floppy drive cables, ONE 5 1/4" floppy (with disks!), a few CD drives (4x-48x), and about five assorted cases. Also, an ATI All In Wonder TV/Video capture Card. In short, just about anything needed to build a PC or a mac.

One more thing: A Newton Messagepad (MP100). Includes a CD of stuff, the "Getting Started" card, a European power adapter, the stylus, cable, and leather case and manual. Contact me for more information.