Networking with a PC via Airport

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Networking with a PC via Airport

I have a Linksys wireless router receiving an internet connection directly from a Roadrunner cable modem. I connect to the internet via airport, and the PC (running XP) connects to the router through a LAN cable. How do I need to set it up so that I can access the PC from my iBook and share the printer connected to the PC? I can access the iBook from the PC by manually setting up a network place, but I can't connect to the PC from my iBook. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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You'll need to use the "samba

You'll need to use the "samba" protocol on your Mac to access shares from your Windows machine.

I believe (but I have limited experience with OS X) that you'd connect to your PC like this:


If it doesn't work you might want to wait a while for someone who actually knows to respond ::)

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To answer the first question,

To answer the first question, normally if you know the ip address of the PC you should be able to connect to it via go > connect to server (located in the finder menu) ... type in the ip address and click connect. try pinging the pc in network utility before connecting.

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