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1 I'm getting out of the 520c's altogether. The prize item is this
Blackbird 520c/167/603ev. It is a rock-solid performer with 32 mgs ram and
540 mg hd. It has the internal modem as well. Two good batteries that show 3
hours plus between them. The book is running OS 8.1, and this E-mail is
being written and sent from it via ethernet-Linksys Router-DSL modem. I
figure the PPc 603ev card is worth $35, the 32 mg ram card $25, the 540 mg
HD $15, and the two batteries $20 apiece.The screen is flawless, and he case
only has minor scuffs. Has the back door I'm asking $115.I also have one
other 520c with 12 mgs ram, 120 mg hd in good condition, a third book that
is essentially whole minus HD and in retrievable condition, and a fourth
book in 1 zillion pieces. Make me an offer on the lot.