New Powerbook G3 Lombard want to fix the scratches on case?

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New Powerbook G3 Lombard want to fix the scratches on case?

I just recently switched to Mac... nothing new and fancy, but a nice old G3 Powerbook Lombard. I would like to fix the scuffs on the case of the powerbook... any good ideas on what to use, or where I can find a few pics/tutorial of how to get the lid off, and pull the backing off for a paint job?

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Because the plastic was tesxt

Because the plastic was textured to begin with, any abrasives you apply will just make a big shiny spot.

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To paint the Powerbook properly, it needs a full dissasembly. I started painting mine before I sold it and it's a huge task. Well, a huge task if you don't want to deal with masking tape and blocking certian areas from being painted. Once it's all apart, it's nothing but a bunch of plastic parts and you can paint them with ease.

Just make sure you put some plastic around the speakers before you paint that section of the palmrest assembly otherwise it will go through the grill and get the speakers painted.

The reason I went the route of a full take-apart was that I wanted a full paintjob not just a spot here and there. I estimated that with cure-time it would take aprox 8 weeks to finish. (7 days cure time with Krylon Fusion)

Be carefull when taking apart the screen assembly, it's not that sturdy when it's not screwed in.

If you are carefull and mark each screw and piece as to where it goes, you can take the unit 100% apart and paint it good and let it cure. I recommend 2 coats at least, 3 if you want a good finish. If you are going to add decals or logos, apply them and use a gloss coat to keep them in place.


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