Replace 15" Studio Display LCD easily?

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Replace 15" Studio Display LCD easily?

I bought one of the old Blueberry 15" LCD Studio Displays on Ebay, and the seller said that it didn't come with a power adaptor, so he doesn't know if it works or not. If it doesn't work, is it fairly cheap and easy to replace the LCD panel? That would probably be the most likely failed part. I would appreciate anybody's thoughts on this.


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Not the LCD panel...

Most likely it won't be the LCD panel that is borked. LCDs seldom "die", in fact I have never, ever seen one that didn't work, other than actual smashed ones. If you can't see anything on the screen, shine a torch or other source of light on it, and you're likely to see a picture- which means either the backlight tubes or invertor board are gone. It may be possible for other components in one of those to fail as well, but I've never taken the monitor in question apart so I'm not sure what exactly is in there. Blum 3

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