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SE mac help

Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but there doesnt seem to be a forum for SE help.
Anyways, i just got my mouse, keyboard and powercord from MAXTEK (awsome guy, great seller) and when i plugged it all in, and turned it on, the screen loaded and it has a ltitle floppy disk in the middle with a question mark thats flashing.
Does this mean i need a startup disk? Its a Mac SE, with 1MB of RAM and two 800k drives. If i do need a start up disk, where can i get one?
BTW this is an old computer my dad's had for a while, and i just found it and wanted to get it going (keyboard and other stuff was only 17, so i figured why not?)

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Should probably be in 68k mac

Should probably be in 68k macs, moved.

The SE doesn't have a hard disk so it needs a boot floppy in order to boot (hence the 2 floppy drives), if you go here you will find instructions and links for software.


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ok, i went to that site, and i clicked on "boot disks" and then i clicked on the last or one of the last ones under the "800k drive" section, it said something like for mac SE, apple II...
So, it downloaded as a stuffed item, so i un stuffed it and then i mounted the disk to my iBook's desktop. I opened it, and theres 3 items. Should i just put the whole disk that i mounted, or should i go into the folder and put one of those items on the disk?
BTW those items are... Sometihng that says "System Folder" thats has finder in it, -For Plus, SE, Clasic and Apple II, and the last says No finder, which has some items in it.
O, and does anyone know if i can download these onto my PC, and then put them onto a flopy from there? And, can i use just a modern floppy, or do i need some spcial one

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Jag's House

...has a good article on using your PC to download Mac files.

Linky here.

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I don't think the PC will wri

I don't think the PC will write 800k mac disks.

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Re: I don't think the PC will wri

moosemanmoo wrote:
I don't think the PC will write 800k mac disks.

There's no way you can create an 800k Mac floppy on anything else then a Mac (or an Apple II). So either you find a Mac and make the floppies on it, or get an SE FDHD ROM and replace the 800k floppy drive with a SuperDrive (no, it's not the one that comes with the new Macs... I mean the original 3.5" floppy SuperDrive). Smile

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