Wanted:-SCSI 50 pin Hard Drive, at least 2Gb

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Wanted:-SCSI 50 pin Hard Drive, at least 2Gb

I'm looking for a SCSI HDD for my 8500 so I can run OS X. It needs therefore to be at least 2Gb, preferable 4.



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i have a 5 gig

i have a 5 gig. 5$

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50-pins getting pricy

$5 is awefully generous of you...
Any one else noticed how expensive the 2gb & 4gb 50-pin drives have been getting on eBay over the past 2 years (especially the 1" drives)?




The reason? People do pay too much on eBay, but I think you'll find that demand has driven the price up... kind of neat, when you think about it, because it means more people are tinkering...

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