Screen Mods and Daystar Powercard

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Screen Mods and Daystar Powercard


I have a Daystar Powercard in my CC but it does not boot without the screen mod. It plays the startup sound and stops afterwards. No Display and no harddisk/floppy activity. After i performed the screen mod it worked. But i am not very happy with the the screen mod. The VGA mod is to flickering for me. The hires mod would be acceptable but there is another problem. The screen colors seem to change any 10-20 seconds to violett for half of a second. This behavior repeats continously. I have tried serveral different VRAM modules and checked the connections - nothing. So i have two questions:

Any idea about the the screen color problem or who to use the Powercard without the screen mod?


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Not Much Help...

... but here's all I can tell you:

I have a Powercard-equipped Mystic (575 board in a CC). This unit has the VGA mod and the screen is fine. I never tried the PowerCard in a non-VGA CC, but I'm not surprised it doesn't work. The PowerCard has its own ROM, and I'm guessing it simply won't boot in anything less than 640x480 resolution. (Or perhaps the OS version you have won't boot in 640x480 when in PPC mode?)

As for the flickering color, that's almost certainly not a VRAM problem.

I would say that it's a connection problem, or perhaps something aging in your analog board, which has been further stressed by your VGA mod (not your fault of course!). The Hi-Res mod should boot with the PowerCard, but I have serious doubts that such a mod will solve your screen problems.

Finally, I had a VGA Mystic CC that would occasionally lose the Red color. It was a loose or failing Red adjustment pot in the rear of the analog board. Readjusting it would fix the problem for awhile. On the one hand it was a simple mechanical problem, which meant the CC wasn't about to die. On the other hand it was pretty much as tough to fix as any electrical problem.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck!


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