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What to do?

I have an old Color Classic motherboard kicking around that is not doing too much of anything. I want to do something with it.

I thought about mounting it into a PC style case but I couldn't find the connector information that I would require. I thought about putting it into my LC575, but then I'd be stuck with an LC575 motherboard just collecting dust.

What can I do with my Color Classic Logic board?

I'd like to wire something up with it... but what?

Anybody here do anything creative with their old Color Classic logic boards after they upgraded their CC's?

I really don't want to toss it in the garbage; it still works!

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions?


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Keep it as a memento, and a r

Keep it as a memento, and a reminder of good case design gone terribly corrupt. They're really not all that useful by themselves, considering they need a slot-like thing to interface with everything without some extensive and painstaking labour. It would be about the equivilant of you having an LCII logic board with all of the pin headers gone.

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Seems a terrible waste...

I have a Color Classic logic board that's maxed out in RAM. All the way up to a whopping 10MB's. Even maxed out the VRAM to give the board support for thousands of colors. And I have a bunch of extra 30 pin SIMM's kicking around too.

I actually have that funky little slot interface that the board plugs into. I just don't have any idea which wire is for what. The SCSI cable is pretty straightforward as is the powerlines... but the rest? No idea!


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Not so much of a waste

Hmm. A Color Classic board is basically an LCII board, except with that funky edge connector. So you could transplant the RAM and VRAM - and even the PRAM battery if it's still good - to an LCII. Or you could try to sell the CC board. You can't get much for it of course, but at least it will go to a good home. I've managed to sell a couple on LEM Swap during the last year, to people with broken CCs.


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