Help with manual installation of drivers in MacOs 10.2

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Help with manual installation of drivers in MacOs 10.2

Hello everyone

I've bought an pc combo card for my PB Wallstreet OS 10.2
but I can't seem to get it working Sad
One reason for that is that the drivers i packed in pax format, ie the archive is named Archive.pax and I can't unpack it Sad

I've tried wiith some commands as pax -r -f Archive.pax, pax -w -f Archive.pax and pax -v - f Archive.pax, but I still cant unpack the whole archive file Sad

The last command listed the archive and I've managed to unpack one file from it, but in the archive there are a lot of files embedded in a archive called viauhci.
The files are suffixed .kext and in there are also a driver file for the card as well, it's in a sublibrary called MacOs.

So for the questions:
1. How do I unpack the archived file Archive.pax?

2. Where do I unpack it?
I'm not sure where the drivers are installed in MacOsX 10.2

3. I'm not absolute sure but I think the system libraries in MacOsX
aren't writeable, so if the drivers shall be installed in there,
how do I make them writeable so I can move the unpacked archive
into it?

If it helps and you want to try unpacking the archive for yourselfs, I can email it to you.