Oldworld Bootloaders

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Oldworld Bootloaders

Just wondering if anyone on here has any expirence working with bootloaders for linux on oldworld macs (specifically quik)

I have a beige g3 with ubuntu installed on it. It boots fine into linux using bootx, but out of curiosity I'd like to see if quik could work. So far I have been able to get quik to load in open firmware, and it sees the drive it needs to boot from. However, when it tries to load the kernel it spits out an error something like this:

Read error on block (block number that the kernel is located at)
Read error on block (same, this changes if I specify a different kernel)
Image not found.... try again

I've been looking around the web and reading various message boards. It seems like there is NO documentation for quik, just a smattering of posts about it.

Any help would be appreciated, but this is by no means a critical problem (I'm just messing about)