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Virtual Resolution

I've recently started playing around with a 68k machine - just rediscovering old games and software.

Years and years ago I used to have a Performa 575 and a Radius System 100. On one of them (I can't remember which) I was able to use a virtual resolution feature where if the monitor only supported 800x600, I could still run it in 1024x768. This was accomplished by scrolling the screen as you move your mouse to the edge of the monitor. I couldn't remember whether this was a hardware feature of the Radius or a software program I ran on the 575. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

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I'm sure it's a add on piece

I'm sure it's a add on piece of software, as I remember seeing it on a few machines back in the day, and none of them had Radius monitors. Was it called Desktop Doubler or something like that?


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