TV Mirroring in Mac OS X...

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TV Mirroring in Mac OS X...

Hi, I'm a little new to this sort of thing, but when I got stuck I turned to the internet to help me. I just recently brought myself out of the dark ages by upgrading from Mac OS 9, to Panther on all of my machines at home. Everything went pretty smooth untill I got to my old Power Mac G3 AIO, which we use to play games on because it could mirror with the TV. I finally figured out how to use XPostfacto, and got the machine up and running in 10.3.9, and it works great, except I can't figure out how to get it to mirror with the TV anymore. Is there not graphics support for the AIO in X? I was thinking it might help if I downgraded to a version of X that the machine natively supported, but I'm not sure. Any feedback one could give on this would be greatly appreciated.

I dunno if this'll make a difference, but here are the specs:

266Mhz G3
256Mb RAM
6Mb on-board VRAM
4GB internal Hard drive, 2.2 external
Installed personality card, and Geoport modem (currently only works in Mac os 9)
I've installed a USB PCI card, and a Firewire PCI card, as well as USB Bluetooth, and USB wireless network adapters.

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I don't have an AIO but in 10

I don't have an AIO but in 10.3.9 mirroring is normally done by checking a box in System Preferences -> Displays -> Arrangement


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