A Color Classic II Found/Questions Answered

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A Color Classic II Found/Questions Answered

Clarification by S.Watanabe from Japan wtnb@mac.com:

>Isn't the Performa 275 the same thing as a Color Classic II?

Yes, it is about the hardware.
They are the same.

>Are there ANY differences between the stock Performa 275 and the stock Color
>Classics of yours besides the logic board and front name badge?

Yes, they are.
The hardwares without L/B and name plate are the same.
But I think there are some minor change on the hardware
(electrical parts or HDD capacity, etc.).

>Did the Performa 275 come with built-in stereo speakers (two speakers
>instead of one)?

P275 and CCII has only one built-in speaker.
It's same as CC.

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Thanks for the clarification!

All I need to do is find one!


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