Mac OS X on beige G3

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Mac OS X on beige G3

I've been trying to install Mac OS X on a beige G3, but before I can start using it I have to come accross the "personalize your settings" screen. The problem is I simply can't move on because the image displayed is bigger than the screen therefore not allowing me to click on the "continue" button (the pointer doesn't reach there). I've tried double-clicking on the country I want it to register it to, but it doesn't work; I've tried clicking on the country name then pressing the "return" key but nothing works! That makes me think the only way is to take the pointer to the "continue" button in order to proceed... But how can I do it if it's just not possible? Does it mean I have to just forget about installing OS X on this machine and return to 9.1? Please help.

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Bypassing the Startup Assistant

I had to do this once when I was trying 10.1 on an older Mac, and the only thing I had connected to it was a 13" Apple RGB that would only do 640x480. (I didnt plan on using the thing, just wanted to see it, maybe do some light file sharing with it.)

Have a lookie here:

If I remember correctly, what's going to happen (after this is done) is that when the machine boots normally, it will log you into a generic Administrator account (dont think it was the root account, although I could be wrong, might have been.) The password for that account hasnt been set, because it was never set by the Setup Assistant, but it will automagically log you into it. You'll want to create a new account for yourself while you're there, and possibly set up another admin account (or give that one a password.)

Dont log out! Dont do it until you've got your accounts set up, because then you'll have to supply a nonexistent password.

If it doesnt do the automagical login I think it does, you can get things straightened out single-user, probably. You'll have to Google around a bit for more on that.

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