Final Cut Pro (any version) and Upgraded G3 Tower

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Final Cut Pro (any version) and Upgraded G3 Tower


I have a Beige G3 that has been upgraded to a 466 g4, 786Ram, 40gig HD, with firewire/usb PCI running 9.2.2. I am trying to find out if Final Cut Pro or Express will ever work on this machine. I read that Beige G3's are not supported. But I'm unsure if I should still regard this machine as a G3 since it has been upgraded.

I tried to run imovie 2.0 on it and it works fine until I try to capture a movie from my camera. I get an error message that says:

"the disk responded slowly. It may have been interrupted by something, or it may not be fast enough for your movie. If you have a lot of audio clips , you might try muting the audio to see if this helps playback speed."

I don't know why this would happen since all the internal hardware should be fast enough to handle importing one video clip. I am concerned about buying a versio of Final Cut to run on this machine if the hardware is not going to be able to handle it.

Any thoughts? Thanks.