Who can't reach Af?

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Who can't reach Af?

Those of you who cannot acess Applefritter from home or work: Please email me the IP address from which you are unable. Use the subject line "IP Address" and send to owad@applefritter.com

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I have sent you an email conc

I have sent you an email concerning my recent switch to SBC Yahoo! DSL. I forgot to use the reccommended subject line, sorry. When I try to connect to AF, it looks up fine in DNS, I can ping and traceroute to AF. I even get the favicon,but the rest of the page times out the connection. It's definately something going on w/ the server or Drupal. I shouldn't be able to get the correct AF favicon unless it's made contact at least as far as the HTTP server. I can get to MacSlash.org just fine, through the forest.net servers, and I can browse TWiT (thisweekintech, the guys from TechTV w/ their own podcast show) which is run on Drupal. Anything else I can do to help, let me know. I'm technical enough I'm comfortable on the command line and trying stuff w/ curl or wget to see where issues may be.

I tried q couple web proxy services to get to AF, but they interfer with the CSS and alot of other things on the site, so they are unweildy to use. I just have dialled up w/ NetZero like I did before the DSL, but I'd really like to not have to switch back and forth just for one (albeit good) site.

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Verizon East DSL

I have Verizzon DSL at home and at the office. I was able to access the fritter from the office dsl until today, and it's been close to a week since I've been able to access it at home via DSL. However, when using the internet via Bluetooth tethering (Cingular Wireless), I can access it. Though, my DSL is through Verizon (known as Verizon East aka Former Bell Atlantic). Sorry, I used to be a Verizon West employee when I lived in florida.

- iantm

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