Logic Board Pin Outs For Swaping

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Logic Board Pin Outs For Swaping

Based on Apple Documentation, these are the logic board pinouts to the
analogue boards of the 128/512k/Plus, SE/SE30 and Classic/Classic II.
I'm putting these out there in case anyone wants to experiment with
swapping logic boards between machines, per an earlier thread. As you
can see, they share many of the same connections, so theoretically, by
reconfiguring the pins for each different connector, you should be able
to use any of the above Mac's logic boards in any of the other Mac
cases. I assume all grounds are common, so those leads can be spliced
together where a discrete wire doesn't exist. Obviously unused features
should be taped off for a specific logic board. The speaker connections
are direct in the SE, so those leads can be tapped from other logic
boards and vice versa. The connectors should be labeled as to pin
order. If not, I'll post another diagram for each connector as well.
The Plus uses only 10 wires, the SE & Classic 14. All of the pin
connectors from the analogue board should pull right out of the plastic
logic board connectors for easy reconfiguration (make sure you label
the wires first before you pull them out of the original connectors!).
Only the extra grounds may take some work to combine them into the
available pins. REMEMBER, this is only for experimental purposes, NONE
of this is verified. Be careful in there and double check everything
before you power up. Best to try this on an "extra" compact you have
laying around.

1____9____6_____Composite Video
2____NA___NA____Key (blank -- only on Plus & earlier)
3____10___5_____ Horizontal Synch
4____NA___7_____Internal Speaker (SE separate connector)
5____11___4_____Vertical Synch
6____12___2_____+5 V
8____7____8_____-12 V
10___14___1_____+12 V
11___NA___NA____4.5 V Battery (only on Plus & earlier)
NA___13___3_____+5 V
NA___NA___9_____PWM Brightness Control (only on Classics)