B/W G3 Power Supply Fan Problems...Please Help!

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B/W G3 Power Supply Fan Problems...Please Help!

okay , so i'm in desparate need of advice. i have a b/w G3 400Mhz with OS 10.3 installed. it has run smoothly for a year or so. and lately it has been getting buggy after running for more than a hour, eventually crashing or shutting itself down. after a clean OS install and moving the machine around i noticed it was kicking out some major heat and running really hot. i immediately thought this might be root of the stability problems. after a quick inspection i can see that the big internal cooling fan is spinning away fine. but the small rear fan on the power supply doesn't spin at all. while searching all over online i find a ton of mac power supply problems where bad powersupplys won't boot the machine or spin the fan. but the machine boots and powers fine, only the PS fan isn't working. so is my power supply completely skrewed? or can i replace just the little fan in the power supply??? or any other ideas/advice/input??? please provide any links on this if you have them, i havn't found anything that would either explain this or deal with replacing/removing powersupply on G3's.
please help me folks!!! i'd be most eternally grateful!

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I would replace the PS. There are some high voltages that could kill you if you do not know what you are doing.


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Not so bad

makillik's recommendation is your best bet for reliability and peace of mind, but it doesn't take much effort - or risk - to open the power supply, extract the fan, and lubricate it. Or just replace the fan, not the whole power supply.

You could try to get the fan going again as a temporary measure until a new one can be found. I've used electric motor oil and silicone-based lubricant on stuck fans before, one of which has been running for 2+ years at work.

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I have a spare

Incidentally, I happen to have a PS from a stripped B/W sitting around. PM me if you want to buy it.

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