WTB - XclaimTV pin enhanced S-Cideo cable

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WTB - XclaimTV pin enhanced S-Cideo cable

I'm looking for the 7 pin S-Video cable that comes with the Xclaim TV
tuner. Apparently a regular S-Video cable won't work because the tuner
box needs to get power from the cable.

Please include cost and shipping to 32905.

Or has anyone managed to use a regular S-Video cable to get the tuner
to work ? I have a couple of cables but get no power light so I'm
assuming I need the OEM cable.

Here's what the manual says:

Your XCLAIM TV tuner receives power from the
computer through the enhanced S-video cable. A power
indicator on the front of the XCLAIM TV tuner lights
whenever the tuner is properly connected and power is
applied to your computer. If the power indicator does not
light when XCLAIM TV is connected and your Macintosh
computer is on, make sure you are using the 7-pin
enhanced S-Video cable that comes with XCLAIM TV.