LC Cube

By Reino Basile


Apple's new G4 Cube inspired me to produce a similar machine, and this is the result - the LC Cube. It even has a vertically mounted floppy drive which spits out disks in the same toaster-like fashion as the G4 Cube. The LC Cube is built around an LC II logic board I salvaged from the rubbish heap of a Mac wrecker. It sports a 16MHz '030 CPU and has been maxed out to 10MB of RAM. The front panel has an illuminated electric oven-style On/Off switch and a hard disk activity LED. The long slot in the top of the Cube's case is for the floppy drive, and the circular hole is where I installed a small fan.


The case of the machine is made out of plywood, but I intentionally left two of the sides detached so that the insides of the machine can be easily accessed. Two 90-degree brackets are attached at the front left and rear right of the case so that the 2 panels can slide off when the top is removed. The picture below shows the Cube with its insides exposed.


The power supply also came from an LC, so I had to extend wires out of the PSU to get them to reach the front where the On/Off switch is mounted. The pic below shows the ports on the back of the machine, along with one of the brackets that holds the removable side panel in place.


Finally, here's a picture of the LC Cube in operation (next to an Apple 12" display), along with a little Quicktime ad I made. Check it out - it's very Apple!


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