max out powerbook 1400 memory

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max out powerbook 1400 memory

Is anybody ever succedd to install more than 64 mb in pb1400, I install them, the os 8.1 detect it for total 80 mb, but the os hangs several times usually on photoshop both 4 and 5, and ms office 98.
Expert says it because of memory controller ic that limit the count to 64mb, is there any way to hack it, or remove some jumpers to max memory out ? Some friends said there is a japanese site that shows and succedd to hack it but I couldn't find it and I don't understand any link in japanese letter. Any Japanese willing to help ?
Any help will be very appreciated.

Thank you.

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The only successful hack that I know of is to use Flash RAM in the PCMCIA slot. The usual way is to use a Compact Flash card in a PCMCIA sleeve, format it in the Mac as a hard drive, then assign that drive as virtual memory using the Memory control panel or RAM Doubler.

Note that some CF cards are faster than others. Ironically, the IBM Microdrives are amongst the fastest.

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