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ibook clamshell backlit apple

i will soon be aquiring a ibok SE 466mhz. the one with fire wire. ive always loved these machines, and am getting a great del on it. the one thing that i wish it had, was a glwnig apple like the new ones do. is there any way i can hack this? is there room in the case for a few white leds? has this been done before?

thanks yall!


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When i first purchased my ind

When i first purchased my indigo clamshell ibook, the plastic bezel around the screen would light up because of the backlight of the screen. The apple logo didn't light up.

I accidentally dropped my 'book a few years ago the lid cracked clean from edge to edge. After i received it from service, the apple logo lit up. So I'm not too sure if the lid went through a rev change or the techs changed a component inside the computer but it looks much better now!

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there is tape

there is tape over the logo, i believe. I think if you were to take the tape off, it would light up

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If you look at a clamshell under low light, you can see that there's an illuminated border around the logo- remove what lives inside the border, and the Apple will glow. Upside-down. Lookin' stupid.


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