Star Wars 8500 (any interest?)

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Star Wars 8500 (any interest?)


I have an 8500 with a 266Mhz G3 card in it that used to belong to Industrial Light & Magic. Has an ILM number on it and a bar code identifying George Lucas. (I'm not saying Lucas used this machine. I'm saying his name is on the barcode.) The Mac has been on loan to the production company making "Jack Smith & the Destruction of Atlantis" and is about to be returned. I have no use for it and am not a Star Wars fan by any stretch of the imagination. I am also not a fan of shipping and will NOT pack it and ship it. I'm in NYC. I'm also not looking to make a bundle of money. A swap for an old laptop or laptop-related gear would be fine. Or non-Mac things. That can be discussed but it must be picked up in NYC. No kidding. Should have it in about 2 weeks. Let me know if you're interested.

Thanks . . .

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Interested if it was not pickup only

Too bad you won't ship it, I would be very interisted otherwise

I am sure someone near you will take you up on it, I would imagine!

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