ppc performa 6300CD hardware questions

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ppc performa 6300CD hardware questions

was looking at the apple service manual and noticed that it mentioned about a high performance cache module. was wondering if anyone know about these or is that only for the 6360? can't tell from the way its written Beee

were the video-out connector considered a BTO option when you could order them 6300CD's or not really?

or maybe better could someone tell/point me the possibilities that the 6300CD could had came with from the store when they were brand new back then?

I'm just kinda curious because I thought I'll try make an interesting inexpensive project to get this performa to look like if it was still stuck in 1996 you know? Biggrin

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im guessing that any cache up

im guessing that any cache upgrade would be for the 6360, the 5200,6200.6300 are all based on the same board and never had any type of upgrades. the 6360 was just a little bit different IIRC.

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There were no cache upgrades for those Macs; it was 256k or nothing. IIRC they all shipped with L2 cache already installed.

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