Apple ][e parts

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Apple ][e parts

I have more Apple ][e parts for sale or trade

1. 3. A ][e 80 COL/64K Memory expanison cards, 1, Rev-C, 2, Rev-J. These look brand new and were in antistatic bags
part # 607-0103

2. 1. Controller Card part # 655-0101-C, This has a ribbon cable attached to it.

3. 2. Apple part # 820-0066-A, two cards. It says A ][ E 80COL. It also has another part # 607-0102-C

4. 3 Disk interface cards part # 650-X104. They have connectors for two drives each

5. 2 Apple super serial card II part # 670-0020, one USA made, one Australia made. Both have a ribbon cable attached.

I have no way of testing these cards so it is unknown if they are good or not. They sure look new but are sold as is. All reasonable offers will be considered.