This feels wrong!

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This feels wrong!

Sorry if these things have been mentioned before. Since Applefritter switched to the new system I find it awkward and difficult to find stuff. It's better than it was, and it might just be me not looking properly. Also I must say the site overall is very good, being able to add your own content then edit it yourself without hassling Tom & team is much better.


I've got 2 hacks on Applefritter (i don't think I have 3) but the only way I can get to them is to browse the Hacks section. They're not listed in my profile anywhere, so I have to hunt for them on the site. If I had lots of hacks (ha! fat chance with a 4 month old in the house!) I'd want to be able to find them more easily.

Both hacks had comments posted but I only knew that when I viewed the actual hacks. They didn't appear in my inbox, nor is there a 'Recent Comments' for my hacks when I log in.

Little help?