WTB: Clamshell Case Plastics

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WTB: Clamshell Case Plastics

Wanted for purchase: Blueberry Clamshell case plastics. I am looking to buy case plastics for a blueberry clamshell I am building (different than the one on sale). Specifically, I am in need of the handle, lower case,and screen bezel if you have it (This is where it sez "iBook" on top of the screen). Am willing to pay reasonable amount if items are in good condition, especially the handle. If you have any of the three, please let me know.I need them in blueberry color.



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i have it all!

I have a blueberry clamshell with all the plastics in good condition, but with a cracked screen. The bottom has some minor scuffs, though. PM me if interested.

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