For Sale: Pismo G3 powerbook for parts, Australian seller

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For Sale: Pismo G3 powerbook for parts, Australian seller

I have a pismo available that would be great if someone in Australia is looking for a notebook to repair or gut for parts. (black body with the bronzy keys)

It belonged to a quiet biology student and was relegated to the "I can't afford to fix" basket in 2003 when something on the motherboard went (I remember the guy at the Applecentre said something about dynamic memory and over a grand for the new replacement part if that helps to identify what's wrong with it). It's been sitting in a box in the cupboard since.

The body is fine and before the thing died, everything was working fine (screen, drives, case, etc). Once it died, I could still switch it on and hear some whirry sounds, but it wouldn't boot up and the screen stayed black.

I managed to get another mac G3 powerbook box with foam for shipping (the specs on the box don't match this notebook, but the foam inserts fit, which is handy for storage and shipping)

As my skills at pulling fiddly things apart aren't great, I'd really prefer to ship this thing as a whole for someone else to gut, rather than pull out and sell the individual parts myself. I can ship via Fastway couriers or Australia Post within Australia. Depending on your location, it may be cheaper to use the courier.

Reasonable offers for the notebook would be appreciated. I can also provide shipping quotes if you include your postcode in your message.