Help with ethernet on a Mystic

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Help with ethernet on a Mystic

Wow, looking at all the responses to miguelminguez's post, I can tell that the limited activity on this board of late definitely not due to a lack of audience interest.

I've had this problem since getting my CC a couple years ago -- I can't get etherent up and running. Doesn't matter which motherboard I use -- mystic, LC520, original CC. Neither does system matter -- 7.1 or 7.6.1. Card doesn't do it either -- I've tried a couple of commslot cards and PDS cards to no avail. Drivers are installed. I've got tons of memory and speed to spare, as well as a hobbyist's familiarity with computer innards (I did all my own upgrades, including overclocking the Mystic board). No internet, no detection of other computers, no nothing. Why, why, WHY?

Since the problem is shared among motherboards, I figure the issue has to be either 1) there is some fundamental piece of system software I am missing (network control panel, for what this is worth, I could never get to open), or 2) there is a mysterious hardware issue not located on the motherboard. Is there some connection between motherboard and CC that I need to clean?

My SE/30, by the way, works like a champion on the internet with its Asante PDS ethernet card.

Ideas, insights, and brainstorming sought.

Thanks -- MZ

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Does the . . .

. . . cable work? Straight through, not crossover? And you turned on file sharing, gave the computer a name, selected ethernet in AppleTalk and TCP/IP? Does ethernet show up as an option in those control panels when the cable is connected and its connected to a network?

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10bt Hub?

I have to link my PDS Ethernet card through a 10bt hub in order fo rit to work with my 10/100 autosense switch.

My SE/30 with the MacCon card does not share this problem.

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Try the 7.5 Network Access Disc floppy

Using that would identify any s/w issues with your current System.
Also, make sure that you're connected to a 10Mb hub, not a 10/100 hub or switch.


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