Everything For Everyone

Hey folks -

Just playing with the blogging feature, which actually seems pretty cool so far. It seems to be easy to use, and my Powerbook Duo 210 is handling it just fine. Naturally, as soon as I saw bloggage, I thought of a couple of 'Fritter articles (come on, you know you never read em the first time):


That's a nice little article about contributing stuff to the internet. I like it, but it might be trash for all I know. I tend not to trust stuff that comes right out of my own head.



A nice little article on blogging. Also possibly garbage.

Well, after being that boring, I'm going to be a bit more boring and post my opinions on the songs on the new BNL albulm, Everything For Everyone:

Celebrity - Really quite a decent song. Well worth listening to.

Maybe Katie - I think it's incredible. It would be an understatement to say I think it's phenominal.

Another Postcard - Fun and fast. I'm getting tired of it quickly.

Next Time - Slow and moody. Though it doesn't make me want to go at the CD with a screwdriver, it does make me want to press the skip button.

For You - Pressing 'skip' twice after Another Postcard is starting to be a reflex action.

Shopping - Fun, yet oddly irritating. Not bad, but I'm getting tired of it just as fast as Another Postcard

Testing 1,2,3 - Nothing short of phenominal. This song makes me want to form a new opinion, get a little work done, and forget. The way the verses are structured is great.

Upside Down - This cannot be them. It simply can't. The music is all wrong. Not really bad, but different.

War On Drugs - Whoa.

Aluminum - I don't feel the urge to listen to it for hours, but still worth the listen.

Unfinished - They stole my joke from the first link. Um...I mean, mildly funny.

Second Best - If you know what they're talking about, please tell me.

Take It Outside - If I didn't know better, I'd swear they were stalking me and writing songs about it.

Have You Seen My Love - This one does make me want to scratch it off with a screwdriver. I'm restraining myself, only because I like Maybe Katie and Testing 1,2,3 too much.

If you're still reading this, please, go, call some friends, get out of the house. There are better things in life.