Se/30 hacks

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Se/30 hacks

some guy in japan has modded his se/30 use google or some other webtranslator to translate it for you if you cant read japanese

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whoa! Dude....

Kick-A hack. I love the color screen. I also like how he shoe-horned the extra gear for the screen in there, and ACTUALLY used the CRT instead of an LCD. I wish I coulda done that to my SE/30 when I had it. I know how surprisingly crammed it is inside those things. And to also get a Video out card in it too?! Wow!
Sometimes it's an eye opener and proves once again why Old Macs are the most hackable machines out there.

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not sure I approve.. if you w

not sure I approve.. if you want colour, upgrade a colour classic - don't destroy a SE/30

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