Newer Tech CPUs

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Newer Tech CPUs

I have five Newer Tech CPUs and one Power computing CPU and two Apple CPUs, one a high performance card Model 1100. It has been checked and it works, I believe it to be a 300MHz CPU. The other Apple CPU is a Max 604 CPU. I do not remember how fast it is.

The Power computing CPU is a 210/60 and has been checked and is a working unit. On to the Newer Techs. I have two model DT370D CPUs says MAXPower 7MX71/81. I do not have a way to check these but they were working pulls. Next a DT351 rev B 250/125 a checked and working CPU, Next a DT351 rev c 300/150, MAXPower Pro-300/150 and last but not least a DT340 rev D 275/183. All these CPUs have been powered up in a UMax S900D except for two and those were the DT370D CPUs.

Price on these is $20.00 each shipped or you can make an offer for all or part. Reply here or PM