Windows/pc stuff

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Windows/pc stuff

As I have gone 100% Mac I have some PC stuff I need to get rid of

1 TubroLinux Workstation 6.0. Has all the documention a 3CD set plus 3 1.44 floppys user manual and registration card. $20.00 shipped

Windows Workstation 4.0 (NT) has the COA, user manual, system guide, hardware compatility list, 2 CDs and three 3 1/2 floppys. This set was for distribution with a new PC (Dell). I do not think it was ever used.
$20.00 shipped

Unicenter TNG, framework for OS/390. From computer associates ver 2,2. I think this is for the IBM OS. It is still in shrink wrap.
$15.00 shipped

and last but not least Oracle Developer/2000 NIB still shrink wraped and I have some extra CDs to go with it. Orcale 8 Server (30 day trial CD) and some kind of IBM software. IBM Aix Ver 4.3.2 4 CD set, no documention with these and Im not sure they are all there.
For all $20.00 shipped

2. Sets of Windows XP Pro for the Dell computer. Its the bundeled Software pack with a new PC. It has the restore CD, XP pro restore/install CD, Roxio CD burning software and more. However be advised the CD Key has been removed and put on the computer. (Dell did this when they shipped a new computer). Please note the windows Restore/install CD pack has never been opened. So I do not know if these have ever been used.
$20.00 each shipped

I know this is a Mac Forum but there seem to be a lot of folks here who still use PCs and I thought I'd offer them this software first