closet and Garage cleaning

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closet and Garage cleaning

I've been cleaning out the Garage and the closet again.

One jackhammer SCSI Card, PCI, with the 68pin and the wide SCSI connector and a external 68pin connector
$15.00 shipped

9 ATTO ExpressPCI PSC SCSI cards, all working pulls from Beige G3s and a couple of B&Ws.
Buy all 9 for $40.00 shipped or just one, reply here or PM

A cache card for the IIci macintosh
$10.00 shipped

a IMS TT video card 8megs Vram, fits the newbus slot
$10.00 shipped

a few CPUs, first a Model 1100 high performance CPU (works in the Kansas logicboard only) part# 820-0823-A. This was a working pull, A Max604CPU from apple part# 820-0612-08, A Power computing CPU 210/60, a couple of Newertech CPUs A DT351 250/125 and a DT370 240/160 also has a sticker that says Model MAXPower 7MX71/81
$15.00 each shipped or buy all for $35.00 shipped

A apple yo yo AC Adaptor for the G3 Powerbook. I dropped it and broke the clear plastic cover right in half and then ruined it trying to put it back together. The Ac adaptor is ok just the cover is half gone. Comes with the power cord
$27.50 shipped

I still have a few of the iMac 333s, between 64 and 96 megs ram, 6meg vram and between 4 and 6gig hard drives, tray loaders, good working machines and very cheap in price. $25.00 each plus shipping $28 to $30.00 from 76086 to anywhere in the lower 48. Shipped via USPS parcel post 5 to 7 day delivery

And last but not least a little software, Spinnaker EasyWorking, The Writer word processing program NIB works on the IIe/IIc and the IIgs comes in 5 1/4 format $7.50 shipped

Two boxs Claris Works 4.0 NIB it has Word processor, spreadsheet and graphics, database and presentations, webpage designer and much more. comes on a CD-Rom. These are still in shrink wrap
$15.00 each shipped

One more item a 400Mhz logicboad for a slotload iMac a working pull (had bad CRT), 2 USB, 2Firewire, ethernet, modem amd speaker out/mic in
$30.00 shipped