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free to a good home

box of 5.25" disks and notcher
Sony battery pack, Model NP-55, 6V, 1000mAh
25 pin parallel out card - fits Apple II+ and probably IIe
Sony rechargeable battery BP-T40, 4VDC, 500 mAh
dual serial card with male, 25-pin D-connector
Apple modem card


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I can't believe you're giving away a box of...

I can't believe you're giving away a brand new box of 5.25" diskettes and notcher. I used to follow a couple of 8-bit computer newsgroups, and there are people that would fill your tank, even at $3/gallon, for such a coveted item. Blum 3

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Did someone say free?

You've got mail! Wink

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