Sonnet G4 upgrade + other stuff.

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Sonnet G4 upgrade + other stuff.

G4 400mhz/1meg card pulled from running 8600 $100
8600 200 no processor/288/2gig $45, $25 with above card
Quadra 605 8/1.2gig $20
Mac IIvx 8/80/cd (tray load) $10

extended keyboard II $15
macally extended clone $12
appledesign keyboard $10
3x keyboard II $10/ea

Below items are make offer. Above items are o.b.o.

Laserwriter plus: powers on, thats all I can find out, I don't have an appropriate cable to test.
SyQuest ez flyer 230 & ez drive 135, both with power supply.
2x applecolor plus 14" display.
2x microtech scanmaker e3.
mitsubishi 2/2/6 ext. scsi cd burner
yamaha 8/4/24 ext. ultra scst cd burner
external apple cd 300 w/caddy
a whole bunch of adb mice

I'm sure there is more but it's getting late!

all items are + for shipping. Local pickup ok! I live in Ontario, California, 91762.

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mac iivx

ill take the mac iivx for $10+shipping to zip code 50266. pm me.

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