create OS 9 boot CD from OS X?

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create OS 9 boot CD from OS X?

as per my ambitious plans, I have been doing some research on just how to create a multisession CD.

The idea is that, prior to actually burning the disc, I'd have 2 custom disc images. Both are Mac Extended file systems. One is bootable to OS 9 and stripped down as much as possible (no more than @ 140MB), but including XPostFacto 4. The other is a bootable Darwin 8 system (the bootable disc image from Apple will need to be trimmed, as the image is 650MB, but only uses 558MB, so about I need to recover @ 90MB to be used on the OS 9 side).

I originally wanted a multisession disc, because I wanted both sessions to appear as independent discs, but I wonder if it will work just fine with one session since both use Mac OS Extended file systems...

At any rate, I've wasted many CD-Rs in the past attempting to create OS 9 boot CDs from OS X, and decided that I just didn't know how (seemed straight-forward at the time).

So really, I'm asking two things here:

1) What's the best way to create a multisession disc image from OS X (I have Toast Titanium 6.x) from 2 disc images?

2) If I determine a single-session disc is fine for my purposes, how do I create a bootable OS 9 disc image from OS X?

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If you're using "New World" m

If you're using "New World" machines, couldn't you mix both images into one and burn from that? I'm thinking that you could always hold down option when starting from CD and pick the System Folder you want to start from.

Is this a possibility?


The Czar

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