Need Help Crossing Over the Line from Apple IIe to PC Emulation

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Need Help Crossing Over the Line from Apple IIe to PC Emulation

I have a customer who still has an old Apple IIe running 1 application he sees as important to his business. He is worried the Only Copy of this application which is on a 5 1/4" floppy will become corrupt, or the Apple IIe will die.

He would like to move the App to a PC thru emulation. I need to find a way to do the following:

1. Backup the original Copy of his App, I presume to another 5 1/4" floppy

2. Copy the App from the Apple IIe or floppy to the PC (an Image I presume)

3. Find a good PC Apple IIe Emulator (Shareware or Freeware)

4. Find a way to get the Image File of his Application to the appropriate image file format.

5. Set up the new emulator.

Anyone here really knowledgeable in the area of transferring files to PC format and emulation?

Any help or pointers would be greatly apprecatiated.



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A Good Apple IIe Emulator

One of the Best Apple IIe Emulators That I used Was called Apple II Oasis. It even includes an application to transfer Apple II disk images from an Apple II

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Which application?

Which application are we discussing? It may already be available as a .dsk formatted (good for use with all the Apple IIe emulators).

Also, no matter what, he needs a backup of his app. and data, just because.

BTW, Apple II's are built to last! The disk drives need to have the heads cleaned, the innards dusted out, the rubber belts sometimes give out, and the speed controlled adjusted, but once maintained, they are good for another five years.

Also, if his app. is ProDos based, he can go with the solid state option, leaving the disk drive behind, by getting the Compact Flash card discussed elsewhere on this forum, for about $135.00. A 128MB CF card can be partitioned into four, 32MB, ProDos accessible partitions. That should hold his data. The access speed is incredible with the CF card too, compared with a floppy drive.


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I would go with Mutant Pie's method as that would
make transfer between platforms a bit easier. PCs
can read flash memory so there should not be a
formatting problem,etc.

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A couple of other options.

Also, if he wants to make an immediate backup, all you need is a null modem cable (a standard apple Imagewriter cable will work) and you can Xmodem the files to the PC using a Telcomm program on each end. Google it and you'll get a baker's dozen indepth examples. Windows comes with one, and there are several for the Apple. You can use a mac with system 7.5 to read Prodos disks, copy the files to a mac formatted disk, and then get Transmac (free download) to read the files on a PC.

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Emulation on a PC

Thanks, the null modem cable sounds like a winner, but is there an application already on the AIIe that I can communicate with? Remember, I am a one of those God Awfull PC guys that don't know the apple way.... ddb

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Have you tried...


to pull an image of the application disk the person's interested in? (You'll need a DOS PC with 2 floppy drives to run it, one of which of course will need to be 5 1/4. For that I'd suggest digging through the trash bin for an elderly 386 or 486.)

Be sure to stick a write protect sticker on the floppy before trying this.


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