WTB: Retail OS X 10.3

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WTB: Retail OS X 10.3

I finally want to try OS X on my G4 AGP 400, on which I currently use OS
9.2.2. I'm looking for the retail OS X 10.3. I believe this is a 3 CD set.
Shipping will be to Richardson, TX 75080. I can pay via PayPal, MO or check.

Cheers, Tom
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PowerBook G4 Panther will work.

I know your looking for a retail set of Panther but I've got a PowerBook G4 set that will work on the AGP up on eBay. Installer is on DVD


If not there may bo others here that ahve what you're looking for or others on eBay.

GL and have a Happy Holiday!


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