Various items for sale (Newton, Mac, PC)...

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Various items for sale (Newton, Mac, PC)...

Hi everyone,

I'm new on the board and I'd like to sell some stuff, both Newton related and otherwise;

I have in excellent condition for sale:

- Nokia GSM Cellular Data Card + Nokia GSM Cellular Data Card Cable, used for Newton to mobile connection. (Used but in EC)

- 1x Newton Dummy blank Card for all Newton models (used for empty slots) (Used but in EC)...

- Hayes Optima 56k V.90 PC Card (modem card) (Used but in EC)

- Nokia 6110 mobile phone + Power unit + car kit + original manuals (to connect the newton to Nokia GSM Cellular Data Card - requires dongle from data card lead to phone...)(Used but in EC)

- 16MB RAM 72pin DRAMM for 6100-9600 PM. (used, but functional... origianl took it out of my 7200/90 to insert the system with 4*128Mb)

- Honeywell PC mouse (new) + drivers on floppy + user guide (multi functional serial mouse for Win 2000 and earlier), can be used with Mac but you need the drivers or serial 2 usb dongle (Brand new)

- Beyond the Little Mac Book (covers Mac OS 7.6 - 8.0) (in Good Con.)

- Falcon 3.0 PC game. In original box with manuals + floppies (in EC).

- Adobe Trial Software + Training CD's

- PC/Mac 1500 TrueType Fonts + 1500 Postscript Type 1 Fonts CD (in EC)

- Various Mac Applications Trial software/shareware/freeware on One CD.

Details of cost of item(s) and shipping costs will be emailed to people interested.