Mic-in on Powerbook?

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Mic-in on Powerbook?

I've been eyeing used 12" powerbooks. I notice that the audio input is line, not mic. Since they have a mic built in, do y'all suppose that it would be possible to hack the wires from the built-in mic into a jack for an external mic?

And while I'm at it, I just want to shout out a big WTF that they don't have a regular old mic-in on these. I know, if you really mean business you want a better interface than what Apple would supply, but c'mon, just for something quick and dirty that would be done on a mini-disc anyway...

Having said that, while I'm at it, can anybody comment on the quality of the built in mic (for instrumental recording, not just voice)?

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they distort very easy when used for Music recording. About the only thing they are good for, is recording voice in an dead silent room, i.e. podcasting...

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Why not just use a mic on the line in

You probably could just use the line in with a external mic. (correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure that ive done it in the past.)

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you are very correct that thi

you are very correct that this is possible: my bro uses it for his podcast

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