For those special occasions


My Current PDA system!

My old, used, worn out and falling apart 'PDA' on the left, my new unused one on the right, held by Gregory.


PC Case Front from B-Day Gift

This is the front view for the case That I received for my B-Day. to see the specs, go to this image



This is the ohio scientific challenger from 1978 - the 8k microsoft interpreter in ROM was written by Bill Gates.


68000 Dash 30fx

And it's mine! All mine!

This monster is the first computer that I worked on professionally. It was purchased by my employer back in 1989 or 1990, reportedly for around $40,000 (though I never saw the purchase order.) It is essentially a modded IIfx in a giant steel case with oodles of space for disk drives and cooling gear. I haven't weighed it, but it must tip the scales at well over 50lbs.


my ram

this is my ram that goes with my motherboard thats up for trade


Techmatics TPI-863

The Mac Plus is an excellent machine with an excellent design, but pretty as the case may be, it has one fault: it's made of plastic. And plastic simply isn't good enough for the army. The TPI-863, made by Techmatics Technologies, Inc., solved this problem for the military by recasing the Macintosh Plus in a steel case.

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Systematics T5170-2

Systematics T5170-2 - front
Re-engineered by Systematics to meet TEMPEST standards, the T5170-2 does not emit electromagnetic energy.

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