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Github Apple II Repositories

Eventhough this has been around for sometime,
I thought I would start a topic on the above as there
seems to be alot on offer on this site. There is
aload of stuff to be found for the Apple II and emulators.

There is source code, disk tools, emulators written in
various languages and system disks.

It won't all be for the Apple but you can look at other code as well.

Here is what I have found so far. It is not meant to be a complete
list so if you know of any others please add.


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Installing WordPress on Snow Leopard

A complete guide to turning your regular Mac running Snow Leopard into a Web server hosting WordPress.

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Have Your Macintosh Call You

Nothing fake, plenty phony. Use Skype, Applescript, and iTunes to make phone calls and play audio files automatically.
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Overview of Encryption II

Describing how to obtain a shared key without prior trusted contact.

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Overview of Encryption I

Codes and ciphers are important when securing communications. This is a quick primer on several methods.

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Data Mining 101: Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists

This article describes how anybody in the world can develop sophisticated profiles of hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens, using only free and publicly available resources.
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How to successfully install Mac OS X 10.3 on Beige G3s

First of all, here are the specs of my machine:

Beige G3
Sonnet 400 MHz G4 upgrade w/ 1 MB L2 cache
768 MB RAM
40 GB IDE drive
4 GB 10,00RPM Cheetah SCSI drive
Apple UltraSCSI card
Radeon 7000
USB/Firewire PCI card
Toshiba DVD drive
Built-in Zip drive
Rev. A ROM

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Learning to Count in Binary

Learning to Count in Binary

We've all seen the stereotypical movie computer person. They watch a screen of binary scroll by, apparently interpeting it and making so much sense of it they only have to glance up every few seconds to figure out whats going on. Not gonna happen.

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When Corruption Kills - Backing Up Your Data

[i]I recently had the pleasure of typesetting sixteen pages. These pages contained names, I.D. numbers, owners names/addresses, as well as several other pieces of data about dogs. After two days of deciphering non-standardized forms to find the information, I came to work expecting to fix any mistakes that had come up in the proof reading and opened the file.

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