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"When we're finished. We have a couple other things to do." "I hope they feel as good as the last one did, Mistress." She laughed, but said I may not enjoy them as much. I supposed I should be worried, but perhaps she only meant they'd still be pleasurable, though not to the last level. I didn't expect to reach that level often. Mistress still didn't release me. She told Luke and Ranger to stop. They'd never stopped licking and sucking my breasts as they'd not been told too, and they were obedient. She took a couple large candles off one of the shelves in her dungeon and lit one, letting the wax liquefy around the flame. It wasn't too difficult to guess what experience she planned for me next. I was bound to the table with my legs spread and arms secured to the side. There was nothing I could do to protect myself. Hot wax was going to fall somewhere or many places on the front of me, from my tits to my toes. I was comforted knowing Mistress had done this before and Ranger and Lucas were standing beside me without burns marring their bodies. Mistress had sufficient melted wax to start. She held the candle roughly three feet over my belly. "Wax dropped from this height," she said, "has enough time to cool so you won't suffer much discomfort at all. The lower I hold the candle above you, the warmer the wax is when it strikes you. I'm going to drip some on your belly so you can see what I mean. Then I'm going to lower the candle until you tell me the wax is too hot for you. When you've indicated what height and heat you can tolerate, I'm going to drip it on your breasts and cunt. Do you understand what I've told you?" "Yes, Mistress. I understand." As Mistress indicated, the first couple drops were noticed more as heavy drops than hot. It could have been raindrops. She lowered her hand and tipped out a couple more drops, and when I indicated it was fine, moved her hand lower and dripped some more. Perhaps it was my pain tolerance. If you're going to run ironman competitions, you become accustomed to pain. Aching legs, burning lungs, tired arms, blistered feet; I'd felt them all. Not to mention my punishments here being conducive to building pain tolerance. Mistress brought the candle within a foot of my body and I still hadn't stopped her, plus, it was just my belly. "Mistress," Ranger said, "I don't think you should go any lower." She looked at him inquisitively and he flicked some hardened wax off my stomach. "You're close enough the wax is giving her a mild burn, which might be similar to a mild sunburn," Ranger said. "She's got exceptional pain tolerance, Mistress, and if you go lower, it may leave scarring." "Why didn't you stop me, pet?" Mistress asked. "It wasn't intolerable yet, Mistress." "Intolerable or not, I don't want to disfigure you. I shall have to punish you later." "Yes, Mistress." She raised her hand about six inches and dripped some onto one of my breasts. I groaned. If she'd dripped it there before, I might have stopped her. Yet, the pain was momentary, a flash, a spark, then subsided to a warm feeling enveloping my breast. She did the same to the other one. Bit by bit, drop by drop, Mistress slowly covered the entire surface of my breasts, forming a wax shield. The last to go were my nipples, extremely sensitive at this point. I screamed a little when she covered them. Even though I knew the skin was no worse burned than any other place she'd dripped the wax, it hurt more. Having completely covered both breasts, she moved down to my mons. Mistress dripped some on the mound formed by my pubic bone. Easier to tolerate than my breasts, less than my stomach, but I knew she was not done. She eventually covered all of it and I knew I'd be picking wax out of my pubic hair for some time. She started to go down to my vulva, the larger lips of my labia. More like my breasts, but the area was constantly rubbed by my jeans, so not quite as sensitive. The hot wax had left me stimulated. I'd felt some liquid leaking from my pussy for several minutes. I wondered if the liquid my body was excreting would help protect the soft, sensitive, inner lips from the wax, almost like they protected me from the friction of a cock thrusting in me. I'd soon find out. Mistress was getting closer and closer as the outer lips were covered. Drip. Drip. It hurt, but not as much as I expected. Was I getting used to it? I felt it cooling in my cleft, hardening. Drip, drip, drip, bringing another drip, drip, drip leaking from me, running down between my butt cheeks. Eventually Mistress had covered all of my cunt except for my clit, which I knew was sticking out from its protective hood. If I was leaking, it was peeking. That was a given on my body. I tightened in anticipation of when the hot wax would be dripped on me there. The bundle of nerves, designed for pleasure, center of my sexual universe, about to be waxed. Drip, drip. I screamed again, not in pain, though it decidedly hurt like a bitch, but because I was cumming. My back arched off the table and my limbs thrashed against my bonds, twisting and turning. How could something which stung so bad, feel so good. I suppose it wasn't much different from Mistress striking my clit with a whip after the area had been flooded with blood after arousal. I'm sure the hot dripping wax on all my sensitive erogenous zones had sent blood to the affected areas, flushing them as though engaged in foreplay. I'd been dripping, so knew I was aroused. Mistress flicked the wax off my bean and I wondered if she intended dripping more on it. I tensed again. Instead she covered it with her mouth and her tongue danced on it until I climaxed again, thrusting against her. For the next few minutes after she eased me down from my orgasm, the three of them picked wax off my body. Looking down at my breasts, I could see they were slightly reddened, though they were often redder after having been whipped. More pinkish than red. That was another sensation; the wax being plucked or scraped from my skin. Some of that which had gotten into my pubes took some hair out with it, though they tried to avoid it, breaking it into smaller pieces by crushing it in their fingers. On the whole, it felt good. My skin was sensitized where the wax had fallen and stroking or brushing it felt good. When I was mostly wax free, some clinging stubbornly in some places, Mistress released me. She told me the next thing we'd try was figging. While I'd heard the term in reference to my research, I hadn't read enough to know what figging was. I wondered if figging was like stuffing figs into my pussy and eating them out afterward. How wrong I was. "Lucas, be a dear, run upstairs and get the ginger root cook has prepared for my pet's figging." "Yes, Mistress." He went upstairs and returned shortly with a couple items wrapped in plastic wrap. "Beth, figging is inserting ginger root into your cunt or ass or both. The oils released by the ginger root cause an intense burning sensation which slowly dissipates over the next fifteen or twenty minutes. It gets worse when you orgasm and squeeze more of the oil out and freshen what's there. You can also extend the burning when it seems to end by removing the root and shaving the outer layer off again. All without doing any physical damage or harm whatsoever. We're going to insert some in your ass while one of my slaves fuck your cunt, and insert some in your cunt while the other one fucks your ass. Boys, you may want to wear condoms for this, as the burning can affect your cocks as easily as it affects Beth." "Yes, Mistress," we all replied. Both of them grabbed a condom from the supply. "We'll draw straws, long straw picks which hole they want to fuck; short straw gets what remains. Since they are wearing condoms, I expect them not to cum as easily as they would normally, Beth, so you should end up well fucked." Mistress plucked a straw from a broom and turning away so we couldn't see, arranged them in her hand. She turned around and offered Lucas first choice since he'd been her slave longest. He took a straw and Mistress handed the other to Ranger, who had the longest of the two straws. "I'd like her cunt, Mistress," Ranger said. "Good," Luke said. "I wanted her ass anyway." Mistress kept a double bed in her dungeon and she directed me to lie down on the bed. The mattress was covered in plastic first, then sheets so it was easy to keep clean. She unwrapped one of the sliced roots, a sliver about one and a half inches wide and three inches long with a notch an inch from the end which would theoretically keep it from sliding all the way up in my rectum. She shoved it up my dark passage without benefit of lube which she said would interfere with the ginger's own oils. For the first ten or fifteen seconds, I felt nothing except for its presence in my bottom. Then it started to burn and the burning increased for a few minutes. It felt as though someone had put a red hot poker in my buttocks. Ranger climbed on the bed upon the command of his Mistress and began fucking me. "You may both cum," Mistress said, sitting beside us watching. "I especially want you cumming, Beth, for when you do, your contractions will squeeze more of the oil from the ginger root." Not as if I had any choice in the matter. Ranger was a terrific fucker and managed to make me cum multiple times over the next twenty minutes. Each time I did, it would burn fiercely all over again as my pulsing would crush against the root and extract fresh oil. While my asshole burned, my cunt was in heaven. Despite the pain in my backside, I felt the orgasms on the other side were enhanced by the pain. The dichotomy from both making what happened in the other hole either better or worse, depending upon the hole. The more fire on one side making my cunt feel better in comparison. The better my pussy felt, the more severe the pain seemed. Ranger finally grunted, thrusting hard as he filled his rubber. I missed the feeling of his cum jetting inside my cunt. The pain had gradually dissipated with time. It felt more like an itch I wanted to scratch than a flame I needed to rip from my rectum. All in all, as much as it had hurt, I'd still had several lovely orgasms and was feeling fairly good. "Pet, on your hands and knees for Luke's ass fucking." I complied as an obedient slave. Mistress showed me the next piece of ginger root. "Cook cut this one with the lip which goes over your clit. While Lucas fucks you, he needs to hold this over your clitoris. With the sensitivity left over from the hot wax, the sensation might even feel more painful. Do you hear me Lucas?" "Yes, Mistress." Mistress inserted the root in my cunt with the flange extending over my clit. As with the previous one, the burning was delayed, though when it started it was much worse, and got worse over the next couple minutes. My pussy burned like the fires of hell. I didn't even notice when Luke pushed his cock in my ass, which should tell you something. He might have been thrusting a half minute before I noticed he was fucking me. As the pain diminished with time, his fucking started to feel better. As his fucking felt better, I became more aroused and eventually, climaxed. My cunt would constrict around the root, more ginger oil would be excreted, some running down the flange to my clit.The burning would intensify, and I'd almost forget about his fucking. The pain would diminish and the cycle repeat. I'd cum three times before Lucas began reaching his peak. I was hoping he'd cum before I did again. I tried squeezing my rectum to encourage his release, forgetting squeezing was a bad thing. The burning flared and I didn't even get the orgasm to accompany it before Lucas froze in my ass, this prick throbbing. He finally pulled out and Mistress withdrew the ginger root. "You've added four more bucket list items to your questionnaire, Pet." "Thank you, Mistress." "A quick shower to rinse off, especially me, since you squirted all over me, and another whirlpool bath to wash any lingering ginger oil away and we can start your punishment." "Yes, Mistress. Might a slave inquire as to the nature of her punishment?" "A slave may not." After a fast shower in the dungeon, Mistress took me to her bathroom and though she once again held me, she didn't stroke me to orgasm as she usually did. She did pet my breasts and caress my nipples, but her hands never once went below the edge of my pubic fur. I dried her off, then myself and she led me to her bedroom. Luke and Ranger were waiting for us and I hoped for some fucking fun, but I was mistaken. I never once orgasmed that day past the ginger root. Mistress had me lean against her on the bed and she played with my breasts and nipples some more. She told me I couldn't cum and proceeded to have Ranger and Luke take turns orally pleasuring my cunt for the next three hours. She insisted I tell her every time I was close to the precipice, in addition telling me I'd be caned severely if I orgasmed. To ensure her orders would be followed, she told Luke and Ranger they'd be caned twice as hard if they allowed me to cum, so they were cautious not to take me over the edge no matter what I did. It was both worse and better than the orgasm denial trainer Mistress normally used. Worse, because I knew that device wouldn't provide me an orgasm, but there always seemed to be hope the men might slip up and give me one by accident. My hopes were constantly dashed. Better because the vibrator only provided vibrations to my nether regions. With their hands caressing my legs, my bottom and Mistress's hands on my breasts and their tongues dancing in my folds, it felt so much better than the vibrator, but the end result was the same. I was a hot bundle of need when the boys were finished, but Mistress sent them away, and for the next hour, I had to please her. She orgasmed frequently, aroused by the days events and having me in front of her to play with while the men licked my cunt. Even licking Mistress made me want to cum, the scent of her aroused pussy, the wetness of her folds, her fluids on my tongue, the sounds of her cumming, inflamed me. Yet, when I was allowed to stop, my wrists and cuffs were fastened to either end of the bed so I wouldn't be tempted to orgasm without her permission. It took me nearly an hour before I fell into a fitful sleep, my cunt was so eager for attention. ****** When I woke up the next morning, I hoped for some relief for the previous nights lack of a climax. It was not to be. Mistress woke me by nearly smothering me with her liquid infused pussy and rode my face for four orgasms when she woke up. Again, the sights, sounds, smells and taste of her heat had me panting with lust. She didn't release me from the bed and played with me, tormenting me without alleviating my lust. Her fingers searched every nook and cranny of my body, finding every one of my triggers without pulling one. I was left a panting pile of need when she rose from the bed to address her morning toilette. I remained tied to the bed until my arousal abated, then she let me go to address my morning needs with a firm prohibition not to give myself deliverance from my want. Before I ate breakfast, I had to address her other two slaves morning wood and suck each of them to a climax. Both Ranger and Luke said in the short time I'd been with them, my cock sucking had greatly improved. After breakfast, she told me I could go for a long run but I was not to go to the pond as Diego wouldn't be able to watch out for me so I wouldn't be rewarding Diego for his help. Before I left on my run, Mistress inserted a large anal plug in my bottom. I hadn't regularly worn one since she prepared my bum for anal sex. She told me I should get used to wearing one even if I was performing my exercises. "Mistress, when will I be allowed to cum again?" I asked, feeling my arousal kick up a notch with the insertion of the plug. "Does my pet regret surrendering her orgasms to her Mistress?" She asked. "Not exactly, Mistress. You usually ensure I receive many of them. I usually don't go so long without one. I've become accustomed to lots of orgasms every day. Before my submission, I might have masturbated two or three times a week. It was usually enough for me. But as your slave, I've received four or five times that many every day. I'm used to more of them now and crave them more than ever before." "Yet, I'm in charge of them and you surrendered your will to mine and your pleasure or pain belong to me now. I choose not to give you pleasure. It is my choice. You'll be informed when you're allowed to cum again." "Yes, Mistress." "Speaking of orgasms, give me four more before you go. I shall be very disappointed if I don't receive all four within fifteen minutes." She spread her legs on the chair and I knelt in front of her licked and caressed her cunt. She was not disappointed in me. "Leave my cum on your face as you run, pet. I want you to smell my arousal and pleasure as you breathe deep during your exercise. After, you may return and pleasure me more, before you shower." "Yes, Mistress." As I ran, I smelled her rich aroma until it eventually dried. Even then, I would catch the occasional hint of her scent. My own cunt was liquid as I ran, the plug in my bottom moving inside me as I pounded up and down the hills around her farm. My sexual frustration caused me to run farther and faster than I usually went, hoping to kill the want inside by exhausting myself and it. I was gassed when I returned. Seeking my Mistress, I found her waiting in her bed, her legs parted and one or both of her other slaves cum leaking out of her cunt. She allowed me to wash my face before pleasuring her, replacing my dried mask with a fresh moist one of male and female cum. I lay on the bed between her legs, panting and sweaty as my tongue delved in her secret places. I gave her four more orgasms before she allowed me to get up. "Go downstairs. Lucas will cleanse you and hose you off before you shower." "Yes, Mistress." It sounded like at the very least, someone would be using my ass at some point today. It might have been another reason for wearing the plug during my run. I preferred a cunt fucking, but an ass fucking would give me an orgasm, and any orgasm was a good orgasm as far as I was concerned. Cool Hand Luke suspended me from the chains over the drain when he gave me my enemas. It didn't take as long to perform a cleansing as it did the first time. Having your bowels emptied at regular intervals didn't allow waste to accumulate inside. Still, because I hadn't been allowed to squat over the drain, my legs were a mess when I was done, and the hosing down was appreciated. I used the shower downstairs before I went upstairs. Mistress told me I could work on my journal and notes after partaking of lunch. I had to pleasure everyone before I could eat lunch. Before starting on my notes, Mistress inserted the orgasm denial device in my cunt and ass. It was horrible trying to gather my thoughts and complete coherent sentences wearing the fiendish device. Naturally, it ratcheted up my arousal more. It was now over twenty-four hours since I'd orgasmed. I couldn't remember going without an orgasm this long since my slavery began. The previous times I'd been expected to go this long without cumming, I'd cheated by masturbating and been punished for it. I was beginning to think a cropping or whipping might be preferable, but still feared a caning too much to risk it. Ranger came into my room while I was writing and said he'd be leaving soon for work. "I won't be back until Saturday morning, so I probably won't see you again before you leave. You still intend on leaving on Friday don't you?" "My two weeks as Mistress's slave will be done on Friday. I need to go back home, complete my questionnaire and get it mailed, plus start developing my surveys and gathering my research materials. I have a much better idea as to the questions I should be asking now, having been a slave for two weeks myself."


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